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Welcome to Joyful Hearts
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Joyful Hearts was designed as the stepping stone of harmony for
we the people of the United States.

We the people of this great nation are extremely generous and
loving, and we continuously help other people, charities and nations around the world.  We pour our hearts out to those in distress every day.  Our hope for  others is bountiful and endless.  We are a great

This charity was created to facilitate our generosity within our own borders.  I believe our nation’s strength and generosity are built on
the foundation of our families.  Our strength lies in our ability to
see  the depth and potentials of others, without stalling on the
surface details.  The blind child does not see a difference in the
soft touch of a brown or white hand.  The deaf child does not hear
a difference in the anguished face of an African or Chinese child.  The mute child does not speak on the difference of people from other cultures.  We see their souls, the very heart of their being,
and we want them to have joy.

I believe our future lies in our hands, not in the hands of our
government, or other nations, but each individual person that is
our nation.  We each have an impact on others every single day, many times not even realizing it.  Collectively we can make an
even greater impact on our own families, friends, neighbors, communities and nation.

What matters is not where we started but what we became.  
Families, friends, neighbors, communities and even nations all
effect a child’s development.  We The People are all caregivers to
the children of our nation, and what we don't give, help, or entrust
to them is a travesty to ourselves.  Our children are the future of
the good, great and generous people of our nation.  We must do
all we can to help our own children, families, neighbors, and communities remain the great nation we are.

Such issues of children starving in our own nation must be
eradicated.  According to statistics, 21% of all children in the
United States live in poverty.  Imagine the joyful hearts of these children if they just had enough food to eat.
Nearly 1/3 of all our children never complete high school.  That
means one student every 26 seconds drops out of school. 
School should be enjoyed by kids and not traded for early entry
 into the job market.  Approximately 17% of our children in the United States are born with a physical disability.  That is almost
one of five children.  We must be able to significantly reduce that rate.  We have seen a 16% increase in the number of children
born with physical disabilities over the years, BUT, we have seen
a 119% increase in learning disabilities.  WE CAN do something about that.
What can one person do?  Help us spread the joy.  Joy is easy to
spread, and we can bestow it individually and collectively to individuals, families, groups, and communities.  Please help us spread the joy. 

The only outcome that can happen is positive progress. As we do
more and more to help ourselves, we become stronger and united,
and imagine what we can do for the world then.

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Jack at 1 month Kayla 1 week old Luke and Noah November 2010 Julian 1st grade 2010
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